Sunday, June 27, 2010

Toh Yit Ming: A Tragic Incident at Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010

Yeah...was facebook-ing again..and i saw this...No wonder early in the morning 7am..i hear twice ambulance sirens...


Toh Yit Ming: A Tragic Incident at Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010

I would like to share a tragic incident that happened at Standard Chartered KL Marathon today…
When i was running my final 2 km on the 10km… as i was running along the road in front of Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur, i saw a guy was sitting on the road side then soon enough he collapsed…

this incident attracted my attention as a guy(a training doctor, named Irkhan) that was trying to help him was shouting for medic..
as i was a trained EFR, i ran over to see what is happening.. (it was around 1 hour into the race for 10km runners)

i got to know that the guy (named Lim) has collapsed and was having seizure.. we tried to place him in recovery position… he was breathing very heavily and shortly and he was also biting his teeth very very hard… i was afraid that he will hurt himself (with either biting his own tongue or he closed up his airway).. so i tried to open up his jaw and tried to communicate wif him to have him relax and breath easily.. he then slowed down his breathing and taking deeper breath…

another lady (lady A) came to help and constantly monitor on his pulse… and Dr. Visva (was another participant in the run) came over to help…

Then suddenly, his pulse was gone… then we lied him flat and started on CPR procedures… we constantly check on his pulse to check whether his pulse has come back.. we did chest compression and also mouth-to-mouth breathing to Lim…
as we were doing the CPR procedures, we did not sight medic anywhere.. and we tried to shout as loud as possible for medic…

After awhile into the CPR procedures, "lady A" said that she could feel his pulse but was very weak.. then we stopped the CPR procedures to see whether he regain consciousness or not…
After i stopped the chest compression on Lim, i started shouting for medic services again with the hope that a medic services is nearby and heard us.. but unfortunately not… we only sighted 3 DBKL Officers(with big motorcycles) just stood by the road side and just stare… the did not come over to help or to check out what happened… (it was around 10 minutes that Lim collapse and had seizure)…

after a moment, Lim loose his pulse again.. we started CPR procedures again.. we still did not sight an ambulance or any EMS(Emergency Medical Services) around… after approximately 30 compression, Lim regained his pulse but was very very weak.. and yet.. there was still no ambulance or EMS sighted… and DBKL officers still stood there and did not came over to help… so I informed a passer by to run to the officers to tell them to call for an EMS soonest possible...

after we performed CPR procedures on Lim for the the third time, finally a St. John ambulance came after around 15 - 20 minutes after Lim collapsed…

we let the EMS officers to take over the CPR and First Aid… Dr. Visva asked whether do they have the AED(Automated External Defibrillator)… one of the person from the EMS said that they do not have it.. then I asked whether do they have a face mask with pump.. they also did not have it there… THEY PRACTICALLY HAVE NOTHING IN THE AMBULANCE!!!!!!!! -.-"

EMS took him and speed their way to HKL…

we were later informed that the Response time for EMS is 3 minutes but it took them almost 20 minutes to arrive… and later.. as I was reading through the Runners Guide that was provided in our running kit…
There is a statement (at page 15) that states that "Medical Assistance - Medical Aid is available every 4km and at the Finish Area. Due to runner's physical condition, Medical Officials are authorized to stop runners and remove their timing chip"

every 4KM MY ROYAL ASS.. I did not see any first aider, ambulance or any sort of medical officials along my 10km route… and if 4km was true.. it definitely will not take them SO LONG to arrive...


I got a call from Dr. Visva a moment ago.. he went to HKL to check out the condition of Lim and he informed me that Lim have passed away on his arrival to the hospital… T__T

Lim is only into his 20's and was running the 10KM distance…

P/s: please share this note to as many people as possible.. we will hope to create awareness on the inefficiency of EMS, DBKL officers and organiser of standard chartered KL Marathon 2010...
we also want to create an awareness that this kind of inefficiency have caused a life of a young man...
we will hope that the marathon organisers will take responsibility and make EMS a top priority in their planning 

Feel so pissed when reading the ambulance don't even got any basic equipments " mask pump" . . .What for they all driving whole way long to there? I feel shame to be a St. John member for this incident , really MEMPER-SIA SUI-KAN St. John face. About the runners guide...There is a statement (at page 15) that states that "Medical Assistance - Medical Aid is available every 4km and at the Finish Area. Due to runner's physical condition, Medical Officials are authorized to stop runners and remove their timing chip" If every 4KM..What took so long to get there?.......WTF?! Pandai la organizer ini...As i know Robin's friend also got take part in this marathon..hope wasn't him because i don't even know his real name.
Anyway...Rest in peace Mr Lim. :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why demolish Pudu jail?!

Well...i got no idea why the government approve to demolish Pudu jail...omg lar wai!!
Why demolish a building that since 1895 until now?! WTF?! Since the news is on the street..i saw many ppl go to pudu jail and take picture, video all and bla bla bla, and today morning i saw NTV7 TV3 is making news over there. o.o!! TV3 TER-shoot me i guess XD.
Anyway WRECK in peace PUDU JAIL!!

Not in the mood for making a post.I'm having bad day with something, bye and enjoy the latest song from w-inds

Addicted to love - w-inds


Friday, June 18, 2010

Sony Music Malaysia @ Facebook :D

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Company's Annual Dinner @ Damansara Eastin Hotel Ballroom :))

I'm so freaking lazy to update my blog.  = =....from 1k unique visitor drop till 150..that's making me speechless and i m lazy to revive it.Since there's something for me update my decide to post it up. =x Actually...must thanks to someone who ask me go for this dinner. Thank you neh " SOMEONE "

Location : Damansara Eastin Hotel Main Ballroom

Well, thanks Shah borrow me his D80 for the shooting. :3
Sorry if my shooting skill is bad. i'm still newbie in DSLR cams =\ a L g i N - Blogged money making Personal Personal Blogs - BlogCatalog Blog Directory Personal blogs blog search directory