Thursday, May 20, 2010

The day without the internet sarks!

Life without internet really sarks, what i gonna do to with the computer without the internet.Internet just like become part of my life, i really can't imagine my life without it :((.

I can't watch my fav anime, i cant download the music, and after 1week without the internet.Yesterday i went back from malacca for bringing my CSL broadband modem come to KL Umobile broaband , and my life become much more better . But the connection of umobile in my area sarks, maybe it's my modem problem , have to borrow a modem from my friend that working in the phone shop, and give a try on it .

Anyway yesterday just watched Robin Hood with Kyril and friends, nothing special about the movie and most important,the movie should change the name to "Time before Robin Hood". Yea, the movie is talk about Robin's story before he's named Robin Hood.

Today it's a bad day for me, don't have much sales if compare with few days ago.Not much commission for today :(( and i hate the fatty who steal sales from me. GRRRHH feels like killing the fatty but what to do , since the kid wanna do this , let him know what's the taste next time. God damn how i gonna hit 50k sales for a month?...

Anyone wanna buy PC stuff can give me a call or msg ya!! 017-384116 is my number.
Bye and goodnight all. I'm tired for setting up the room today. See ya!!Enjoy this video :p

watcha say spoof

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