Monday, May 3, 2010

Family Dinner @ Kampar's Restaurant

Hohoho , finally i'm back~~ home sweet home~~ the life without internet in kampar is really killing me. No anime , no facebook , no msn , no blog , no aircon , no shopping center , no clubbing , no online games , no dota . Oh... i macam can't live without these in my life.No choice ler..Grandpa birthday and uncle is back from England ,so have to go back visit them.

Hohoho...This is what we have in my grandpa 70th birthday in a restaurant that nearby Kampar Tesco~

nice looking and tasty~

 yummy yummy shark's fin soup

alot shark's fin XD
RM180 for 16 person really CHEAP!!

Hoi Mei Sa Bou!!Sea cucumber , Abalone!!

Deer's Meat . I hate this,so i didn't eat this  = =

Guess how much this cost?

Hohoho , my fav steam fish~

Birthday must eat geh~ Sau Min

red wine~ unknown price

Well, actually still got alot more foods picture with my cousin.Sorry if the picture suck, i don't have any good phone or camera for the picture, but uncle said he'll get me a Nikon DSLR soon~ hohoho~

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