Thursday, May 27, 2010

Taiwanese hotties breasts feeding way~

Yesterday saw a news about a taiwan hotties blogger, i got no idea why apple news reporter always so IMBA!Always report all those IMBA news.

This time it talk about a taiwanese hotties share her breasts feeding photo in her blog,and here's the link to her blog ,don't sweat when reading the blog name. 陳怡芬部落格:草莓公主的慾望城巿 (Sex city of Strawberry's Princess ) , it's just sounds so...bitchy for me.

Many old folks are scolding her,but she just said i'm promoting breasts feeeding to all MAMAs in the world.But i feel that's stupid,u're married even gave born for your husband.

If u did to take a look at her blog daily visitor...300k per day... WTF?! Maybe she just using a diffrent way to make her blog famous. Sigh what to do? I'm a gugu i dont even have any boobs or pussy to make my blog become famous.

Anyway no offense and no picture for it,Google it by yourself,i don't wanna get ban by Google, all this just my 20 cents. :D

Bye, that's all for today, i'm tired .
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