Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's been so long~

Yeah~ it's been so long i didn't update my blog. Sorry for all the late reply ya.I just reach my home today 7pm, later 5am i gotta go back Ipoh for my grandpa's birthday .Last week was in KL hanging around with Gilbert and meet Supia the Super-man!! .Supia's mother is a funny person can kidding around! Auntie hope u don't mind i blog you a!!I wanna be your kai zai XD (just kidding)

When we was on the escalator  TimeSquare , we saw a boy was playing her girl friend hair after that..his hand go touch the girl breast in front of US. WTF?! If u wanna touch ,please go home zha until u song la...Don't do this in public..It's bad for those under 18 ....

Traffic jam is common in KL, but i can't even imagine a hospital also need a traffic police to get it up..IT'S so jam in the morning and jam until isnide UM?!...WTF?! KL traffic jam is so GENG!!

Soon will be moving to KL,will be less updating blog jor...Okay lar..that's all for this week, gotta go pack my stuff now..Bye all..see u guys after 1 week.
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