Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Accident come to you even u drive safely.

The old folks always telling us this, pay attention when driving,drive slowly, don't ever rush traffic light, use hand-free while driving and you wont get into accident.But is this true?! But it's not for my buddy.

This incident happen nearby Malacca IPK last year November.It happen when midnight 3am in the morning, my friend driving Proton Wira and waiting for the traffic light turn green.It's common the traffic light turn green and we drive. When my friend just start pick up, suddenly a Proton saga rush out from his right side and hit his front bumper, that impact make my friend car lost control and go bang the traffic light.

And that asshole driver just get off from his car and run away from there. Why this fellow are so funny, why he get off from his car and use the LEG run ,but not instant drive the car and run? This is the most funny " Hit & Run " case that i ever heard about.

Lucky nothing happen to my friend, just a little injured and the most lucky guy is me,if my friend didn't sent me home first, you won't able to read this post.

Let's see what happen to my friend's car....

Oww mai god?! Lucky not the driver seat.

The car is gone, total lost.

It's sooooooooooooooooooo serious!!

this is the "Hit & Run" driver car.

Try use your imagination to see...My friend just drive 20km/h...How fast is that fellow driving? If my friend drive a little faster, i think i won't able hanging out with him anymore.

Lesson of the day:

Even u drive safety,as long u on the road,the accident still come to you.

Feels free, nang in innit for me if this is meaningful to you.
Nang me!!
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