Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kissing can get you pregnant !!

Last few day ,my mum ask me to read a SinChewNewpaper Chinese forget my Chinese level standard 6 only? So i ask my little brother do the translation for me.(Jeremy save the day~!) Feel shock after listen what my brother telling me...Dear no more kissing please?.....

Here's the English version.

"Kissing can get you pregnant" is always a impossible matter in discussion...But research shows that a couple was tested and french kissing for 24 hours will get the female pregnant. While kissing, mans sperm will come out his balls and go straight to his brain, as for women, the egg will come out from uterus to enter to the ... See more lungs of the female... when kissing, sperm will travel from males mouth to females mouth and combine sperm and egg together in the females lungs..."

Thanks Felix Neo Shaun for the translation,my Chinese sucks.

Well...if really can cause pregnancy..if bottom there, use condom...if mouth..what we use? bubble gum?... LOL......

Feels free, nang in innit for me ya :D.

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