Monday, April 12, 2010

How to make your blog popular?

Well,this is a common question that everyone ask when still new in blogging, here's some tips that i found over the net,and now i sharing it with u all. Here's some way to to increase traffic for your blog.

1) Blog hopping.

2) Write some articles that having strong contests.

3) Write more comment in the others blog.

4) Post up your link in your facebook ,forums and etc social networking site.

5) Write more popular keywords so search engines eg like (Yahoo,Google,Bing) will display your blog in the results.

6) Submitting your blog to some blog directories website like and

7) Submit your blog url to search engine like Yahoo,Google,Bing. Here's the link for it. Click Me.

8) Submit your post in innit , if you manage to get in top 10 list , i'm sure it will help a little for your blog traffic too.

Hope you all enjoy reading and get more traffic for your blog.
Hope this helpful to you.
Good day everyone,happy blogging. :)

Feels free, nang in innit for me if this is helpful to you.
Nang me
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