Thursday, April 8, 2010

How do you deal with two faced people ?

Yesterday went out with my friends that working in a communication shop.Her boss is a rich guy own a few communication shop.When i step into the shop , and below is the conversation between me with her boss.

Boss : Hi young man,may i know what you looking for?
Me : Nope, i just come and find XXXX to have lunch together.
Boss : Oh i see, she at the back doing her job, why don't you have a seat take a look first?
Me : Nvm it's ok,i can wait at here.
Boss : Okay.

After that, i just standing aside wait for my friend. After that, i came back my home as usual ,and XXXX told me in msn. Ei Algin, my boss said to me  you are very LANCI AND YOU SUCKS. Feel so pissed after hear what my friend said, i reply the boss politely , and he talking behind my back? What kind of people is this? I thought he's a nice person some more. The way he talking to me and being friendly to my face, actually he is a two faced backstabber? I got no idea why would he said so, maybe he jealous i can take lunch with my pretty friend? Since he doesn't like me, i won't step into his shop anymore. That would be my last visit for his shop.

So boys and girls, comment how u guys deal with  two faced people.

p/s:sorry for my broken language. : )
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