Monday, April 5, 2010

Clash of Titans

Clash of Titans is a movie that i cant waiting for since the day i watched the trailer. I watched it last week 1230am Thrusday in Malacca Carefour GSC with my friends.

But feel very disappointed with the movie story plot and the so called 3D EFFECT movie. Yeah, there's a only part really looks 3D,the Chinese subtitles was so 3D !!

If you have seen the trailer for Clash of the Titans, you have already seen the best part of the movie. Also don't watch the movie in 3D!! That just waste your money!!

When Zeus releases the Kraken, i was thinking how the Demi-human gonna take it down, when they found the witches,the 3 stupid witches thought them self is S.H.E. ? Molesting the Zeus's Son like they are very pretty.But the way how did the GIANT Kraken took down, that's really sucks,and a Demi-human used 5 seconds to send Hades back to his hometown. Just a few minutes for taking a God and a legendary GIANT monster.What's playing on the movie director mind? Maybe budget problem? :)

Anyway the rate would be 5/10 for it.
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