Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vulgarity Dictionary

Today found something really intersting on facebook.It's all about Vulgarities!!I wondering does tis dictionary really existing? I wanna get 1 for myself and my little brother.Even my mother is Hokkien and my dad is Hakka, sometimes i don't even understand what they talking = =.

There is a website dictionary name
COXFORD SINGLISH DICTIONARY    which teach us how to use SINGLISH!! What's SINGLISH about? Singlish means Singapore rojak English , and which artist use SINGLISH the most?  Yes!! The yellow boots guy with curly hairstyle, Mr Phua Chu Kang . Jialat liao mother call me go eat my nasi lemak liao, if not later basi liao can't eat liao!!

This is the most funny page , that i keep on ROFL :D

Singlish - Pages K 

Hope u guys have a good day ya, happy learning SINGLISH ya! :P

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