Sunday, April 18, 2010

Moller SkyCar

Yesterday was so pissed when drive to Dataran Pahlawan. The traffic is jamming and the weather so hot. Suddenly remember a car that can fly name Moller SkyCar ...When Malaysia gonna import this car! Try to imagine if u can FLY with it, dating more place to go , no more traffic jam , i can go Singapore and Thailand without passport , always go Genting ask money from Uncle Lim .
If  u ask me what's ur dream car,I prefer this more than Lamborghini.I guese it's everyone dream car huh?



  • Type: Personal Air Vehicle (PAV)
  • Manufacturer: Moller International
  • Propulsion system:Eight Rotapower duel-fuel Engines
  • Top Speed: 375 mph
  • Zero-to-60: NA
  • MPG: NA
  • Vehicle range: 750 miles
  • Fuel(s): Ethanol or gasoline
  • Tailpipe emissions: Yes

If you wanna know more about the skycar, u can visit this link. Click Me.

Feel free nang me in innit ya


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