Friday, April 16, 2010

Nga Kor Ming 倪可敏 - Malaysian Democratic Action Party Politician

Nga Kor Ming - a well known politician of Democratic Action Party (DAP). He was awarded with the prestigious award - 'The Outstanding Young Malaysian Awards' in year 2007.
A brief introduction of his background. He was borned in Air Tawar, Perak. In his years of studies, he enters University of Malaya Faculty of Law Course as one of the Top 50 candidate. Besides, in the year of 1993 and 1995, he won two country debate tournaments as the Best Debater. In 1997, he led the University of Malaya Chinese Debate Team and win as International Varsity Debate Varsity champion. In 1999, he was selected as District state legislator in the election, also served as parliamentary leader of the opposition party of Perak at the same time. He has become Malaysia’s youngest State Assembly Leader of the Opposition. He also served as the leader of the Democratic Action Party Socialist Youth League since year 2003.

Of all the politicians, he is my idol. I agree with his opinions especially that Malaysia is dying instead of growing, and if Malaysia does not lead by a better leader soon, Malaysia will be in the fail state. When I was working in a phone shop last time, my ex-boss's base customer was Datuk and Datin of Malacca. I've seen the way how a Datuk spend their money.

 Let’s not mention his name, let’s address him as K. I do not agree with his way of spending his money. I would say, he is a politician who always kept himself update with latest cell phone models. Money was never a problem for him. Once there's something wrong with his wife's cell phone, he would just directly get a new one for his wife. In my opinion, although he is rich, but that doesn't mean he should just simply spend his money in buying unnecessary things. I would recommend if he have extra money, please donate to people who need it. Although RM 2k or 3k doesn't seem to be a big sum of money to him, but somehow, it does make a lot of difference to other people. 

Yes, It's none of my business to bother how he spent his fortune because the money belongs to him. But what if all politicians are just like him? Spending money like drinking water? I dare to say that Malaysia will fall very soon. I think Malaysia 2020 should be changed to Malaysia 2012, if you got what I mean. However, Malaysia still have hopes because we’re lucky to have politicians like Nga Kor Ming to fight for Malaysian. He who is a person I believe that really can change Malaysia's future. I believe in DAP's leadership - Nga Kor Ming who I think will be ‘Malaysia’s Obama’, just like Obama, leading the States successfully although he’s not a white.

Ignore if u dislike this post and no offence all just my opinion.
I just wish to be proud of my country, a better tomorrow for my little brother and everyone.
Please don't sue me, i got no money for lawyer.
I'm just a 22 years old small kid. :)

Nga Kor Ming giving his speech, you'll ROFL if u watch it. :)

倪可敏演讲-马六甲 part 1




倪可敏演讲-马六甲 part 2



倪可敏演讲-马六甲 part 3



倪可敏演讲-马六甲 part 4



倪可敏演讲-马六甲 part 5


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