Tuesday, April 6, 2010

DSLR photo shooting?

Yesterday was msn chatting with a friend, his name is Robin Lim. A young and handsome guy that owning a few DSLR. Last few month, i'm getting a DSLR,but after i got robbed when i drunk in Purebar, and i canceled my mind of getting it anymore.

A cheapest and nice DSLR might costing you 2~3k ,but that is really alot to me nowadays , 2~3k isn't a big deal for me when last time.But now, 2~3k is a really BIG deal for me. Self-employed doesn't have a fix income,and payment from ACACIA IT is really slow.But i doesn't like to working everyday, so i have to stick with this job.

Ok, back to topic don't really like to talk about me. I got the time for shooting, but i just don't have a good camera.Feels like wanna borrow a DSLR from Robin , since he got so many good and expensive DSLR.I think he'll borrow me a DSLR for shooting since i promote him in here =x.

But seriously, all his photography is really NICE. 

Let's take a look into in his few shooting by his Nikon D3s

This photo took him 2 hour and 2 box of matches.And it's the best out of 200 pics.

A good composition shoot!

 It's not just for walking, and it is also for shooting to Robin !!

Shoot the flower when it's still pretty!

One of his shooting when he go to Ipoh.

Well, that's all for today.I'm off to get my 3 in 1 meal (breakfast,lunch,dinner).
Robin, Enjoy!!
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