Saturday, April 10, 2010

Making moneys way.

Money Money Money. no money no talk!!

Nowadays, everyone is thinking how to make money for living. There's so many way for people making money, but which would be the FASTEST best way for making money?

Tradition way of making money, parents ask you to study hard, get a bla bla bla university diploma or degree certificate. After that work for some big company and get fix income every month.But that really take a lot of time, u have to spent 3 year for a kinder-garden , 5 years for a primary school , 5 year for a secondary school , 5 year for a university .It total took 18 year for u get the university certificate. If u a freshly graduation baby boy or baby girl, u only able to get 2k income for a month. BUT!! You only able to make money from being an a employee, you wont able to make big moneys.

Be a drugs dealer, is the FASTEST way of making money way.But there's a risk , if u are BUSTED ,and u are dead. This is the fastest way for you make moneys, but also is the fastest way for u to register yourself in Hell .Because once u fail, u are DEAD.

Direct sales also is a good way of making money,but it take time for building a successful network to achieve monthly repeat sales. Take a example of direct sales, i got a few friends that working hard in a direct selling , once awhile they asking me to join them. I do join them, but after a few month of studying the making money way of them. I pull myself off from it, that's just making me lose more friends but not making me more money, and it take really long time for u gain any profit from it. But once your network is strong enough, u can even don't work and let your down line working for you.

Investor is the real making BIG moneys way. But if u wanna be a investor, what u need is basic , money , knowledge. No one can be a investor with a empty wallet, and there's a risk of losing the money.

Yes, blogging also is a way of making money. Example Kenny Sia a famous blogger from Malaysia, the person who make alot of money from blogging. But this doesn't apply for every blogger, you have to spent a lot of time and effort for maintain traffic of your blog. You have to write a lot of articles and travel around and taking some nice picture for foods and etc.

All these just my 2cent for making money, maybe you guys have a better opinion for making money? So just post it up in comment box. :)

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